Sunday, November 30, 2008

December, 2008 - Starting the last month of the year off with a bang!

A new reviewer has joined Abandoned Towers. Who is this person calling itself Oddcube? What kind of reviews can you expect? Come on over and see! The first review is up. To give you just a slight hint, it might have something to do with male pigs and a member of the family. But then again, maybe it doesn't. I will tell you though, that the title of the review has the word "Hog" in it.

Also, we have part 3 of Eric Brown's series of articles on Jonah Hex to delight those of you who are into comics and westerns. If you haven't gotten your copy of AT issue #1, don't drag your feet. Part 1 of Eric's article is available ONLY in the print pages of issue #1.

And if you haven't had a chance to experience Bruce Durham and Miko's Web comic adaptation of Bruce's award wining story, Marsh God, now's the time to get off the old procrastination couch and get started. Page 28 went up last Thursday. Page 29 will go up next Thursday. You DON'T want to miss out on this, folks.

So lots for you to read up on, enjoy, do and see. New poems on the poetry page, new stories scattered all over the site, interviews you should definitely partake up. All manner of luscious treats.

Come on over!

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