Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jared Ever's Silent Dirge

Last summer I published Silent Dirge in the special summer edition of FS. That magazine is only in print, not online and online, and the only people that have had a chance to read SD are those that have bought the issue.

Jared was gratious enough, now that the FS summer edition is over, to serialize his story and allow me to run it on Abandoned Towers.

A new episode is going up each week and today I have put up episode 3.

If you haven't read his story, you NEED to. It's excellent. Jared is a very talented, skilled writer.

You can find the story by going to the Abandoned Towers home page at, clicking on Serials from either the graphic or text menu and then clicking on the Silent Dirge link

A new episode will go up each Wednesday until the entire story is finished.

Don't miss it.

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