Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Trailer for DFF: Dead Friends Forever

Okay, this trailer's pretty darn rockin, (although I'd say it's too long). J.R. Turner's DFF: Dead Friends Forever is out for the kindle at Echelon.

The first three chapters are on her site here. A bit tough slogging on the skater terms in chapter one, but it speeds up pretty soon. This bit's in Chapter Three, when she's entered a haunted house on a dare:

Unlike the last, this bedroom had furniture and a collection of ancient dolls and books shoved onto shelves and into hutches. Wind tossed the tattered remains of lacy curtains into the air. A warped and weathered bed held the remnants of a canopy, and a sun-faded, tattered rug covered the floor. Two doors in this room. She passed the rotting mattress covered with ragged blankets on her way to the first door.

I did not just see the bed move.

Heart knocking hard against her ribs, hair standing up on the back of her neck, she shined the light on the center of the mattress. Motes swirled in the air, but nothing moved. She took another step toward the door. Still nothing.

I had to have imagined it.

Turner's site says it's also available in paperback, but I couldn't find an active link to buy that format.

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