Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday Morning updates

It's Tuesday!

Thankfully, because Mondays are never fun. But today is Tuesday and we've got some cool new stuff for you.

Artist V. Shane has joined the Abandoned Towers family of cartoonists with his offering, Wizards Without Coats. The first one is up now and each sunday will need another cartoon added to the site.

The new Dragonslayer's cartoon is up as is a new Arpy Gee, Wiz!

In the prose and poetry department, we've revamped the site some, and added several new poems, a new sci-fi story and a couple of new stories in other categories.

Just a reminder as well:

The printed issues of Abandoned Towers contain gems and goodies you will NOT find on the website. Our content never crosses. What we publish online, we never publish in the print issues and what we publish in the print issues, is never available online. If you haven't ordered your copy of AT #1, it's easy to do so, just visit the website and click on the cover of the issue.

For folks in Canada and places where shipping from Lulu is high, send an email to abandonedtowers@gmail.com and explain the problem. We'll make other arrangements for special needs cases.

Also, if you haven't been reading The Marsh God comic, you need to. It's a fantastic story by Bruce Durham and Miko which you definately do not want to miss.

Also, be sure to click on Serials and read through Silent Dirge by Jerad Evers.

One last item before I close: Eric S. Brown knows comics. He writes about them, he understands them and he is about to finish up his series of articles on Jonah Hex. You'll want to read every entry in the series, and that means you must get a print copy of AT because the first part of the series is in print and won't be on the website.

Starting in February, Eric will begin a new series: The Flash! Make plans now not to miss it!

Abandoned Towers is located at http://cyberwizardproductions.com/AbandonedTowers

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