Friday, January 9, 2009

The Amazing, Revised, All New, Spiderman?

What in the world has happened to spiderman? For those who haven't been reading the comic books, but have been reading the comic strip, Jan 1, 2009 came as something of a heavy shock.

What did Marvel do? You can read all about it by visiting Abandoned Towers at and clicking on Eric S. Brown on Comics from the menu.

We also have new comics available on the website and fresh goodies scattered through all the pages.

And be sure to read the excellent article by Richard Fay in the non-fiction category on the history of Speculative Poetry.


maverick said...

Just wanted to point out to the author that the Spiderman newspaper strip has NOT been "reset" like the is just a flashback. If you had read the paper on Sunday you would know that.

Crystalwizard, Managing Editor said...

ummm I do read the comic. Yes, it's been reset, it's not just a flash back. They're syncing the comic strip with the comic books.