Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring cleaning even comes to websites!

After almost 24 hours of doing nothing else, the CWP website has been revamped, redesigned and redecorated.

It's my hope that the site will now be much easier to navigate, prettier to look at and hopefully attractive to people who want books.

Speaking of books, we have several new releases:

Michael H. Hanson's Sha'Daa: Tales of the Apocalypse. A shared world anthology featuring 11 different authors all writing about... the end of the world and the brave souls who fight fearlessly to prevent it.

Sarah Ashwood's A Minstrel's Musings. A lovely book of poetry that touches the heart and isn't written in such a way that only beatniks in smoky coffeehouses might understand it. Beautifully illustrated by A.R. Stone, if you like poetry or even THINK you might, you want this book.

Abandoned Towers 1st Annual Challenge Anthology. Yes, I know, Abandoned Towers is a magazine, but CWP is the driving force behind it and the anthology is truly a labor of love. 6 fantastic stories written around the central theme of Johnney Perkin's amazing cover art. An anthology that any lover of adventure, sword and sorcery, or just place good reading needs to have on their bedside table.

Get over to the CWP home page at and snag some of the fresh, hot goodies before they're all gone!

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