Friday, May 1, 2009

It's May!

Spring has sprung and the May flowers have arrived with a boatload of new goodies over at Abandoned Towers magazine at

To start the month off on the right foot, we have a new Odd Review by Oddcube, and boy is it truly odd this time! Calling his review Attack of the Retro-Clones, Oddcube delves deep into a subject near and dear to a lot of folk's heart: Gaming. Real RPG style gaming. The kind with dice, paper, pencils, and late nights sitting around the kitchen table guzzling soda and eating chips and pizza.

Next up we've got the final part of Eric S. Brown's series, The History of Speed. Eric has been investigating The Flash over the last few months and he wraps it all up by discussing Wally West, once known as Kid Flash and then THE Flash.

A whole raft of new cartoons are online for your enjoyment as well. Dragonslayers, Arpy Gee, Whiz, Hannible Tesla's Adventure Magazine, and Wizards without Coats.

We've also added a nice, new What's new button to the table of contents page. Just click on it and you'll see what's been added for the day.

And be sure not to miss these new items:

Call of the Northern Seas retold by Norman A. Rubin in the General Fiction section

The Realm of the Big Sandbox by Michael H. Hanson in Kid Stuff

A Burning Question by A.K. Sykora in the General Fiction section

New poetry by George Moore:

New poetry by Nora Weston:

Several new stories from Doug Hilton in the sci-fi, the fantasy, and the Western catagories.

And we have a special announcement. Starting on May 5th, we have a new serial starting up. Clock Work by Erin Bassett. A mystery that will have you biting your fingernails and sitting on the edge of your seat. What is that mysterious thing Ester keeps seeing? Who is Holon and why is he important? Don't miss a single episode!

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