Monday, May 11, 2009

New Book Release!

Today the Diminuendo Press imprint of Cyberwizard Productions has released a brand new collection of marvelous poetry. Written by John Rice, a poet from Canada, the enchanting collection is a must have for anyone that enjoys poetry. It retails for 8 dollars, but is worth far more. You can pick up your copy now by visiting the Cyberwizard Productions website at
clicking on the Diminumendo Press button on the side bar, and then clicking on the cover of the book.

As a special treat, we offer you a couple of poems from the collection:

Four Horsemen

High above me, in a cloud filled sky,
Lit dimly by the veiled moon,
Four horsemen gather on death head steeds,
Their faces wear the mask of doom,
Lightning flashes from stone cold eyes,
Thunder echo’s loudly as they ride.

I tremble when I see them,
Though they have passed my way before,
Their names are burned deep with in my soul,
They are greed, pestilence, death and war,
They bring with them the apocalypse,
Their swords drip red with blood.

They laugh, when they see me cower,
Then with out paying further heed,
They drive sharp steel spurs in to bony flanks,
In voices that would cause the dead to quake,
Call loudly to their steeds.

I tremble with fear as I watch them,
Ride through stormy skies once more,
In dread, unable to breathe, I wonder,
What lands do they intend to plunder,
These horsemen of the apocalypse,
Greed, pestilence, death and war
It is we who in our pride have called them,
To ride through our lands once more,
We prefer the sword to the olive branch,
So now the deadly horsemen once more ride,
Greed, pestilence, death and war,

Children Of The Emerald Isle
They chose Diaspora instead of hunger,
Freedom instead of serfdom,
A strange land over a tyrant’s power
They sailed away from beloved homeland,
Proudly bearing their Irish names,
O’Neil, O’Malley, Dougal,
Macauley, Wallace and Keen,
From humble, straw thatched cottages,
In Kerry, Derry and Dublin,
Galway, Limrick and Cork,
To villages in Quebec
To the streets of Muddy York,
They came to till the farmlands,
To plant their roots firm and deep,
They came to escape a famine,
A king’s oppressive hand,
Looking for hope and freedom,
In a strange and distant land,
At first they were unwanted,
But they soon won hearts with warm smile,
Now firmly a part of this country,
Are the proud children of the Emerald Isle,

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