Thursday, July 23, 2009

disturbing dream

Hiya folks!

Everybody's buddy Oddcube, here! I know it's been about an eon since I uploaded any odd observations here, and for that I apologize. Haven't really had too much to say.

But I've got something to talk about today! I had this weird dream last night. I was back at the house I grew up in, back in New Jersey. I was sitting in a lawn chair in the back yard, just minding my own business, cuz I'm that kind of guy, ya know?

Well, then my brother comes out of the house, goes over to the spigot and turns on the water. Then he comes over and pulls me out of the chair and drags me over to the garden. So, I open my mouth to say "Hey, man, whatcha doin'? Getcher hands offa me!", but instead of words, I'm spittin' out water. So, my brother uses me to water the garden, right? And when he's done, he lays me on the ground by the house, and shut off the water, and my whole body just goes limp.

Then he just sorta disappears, you know how dreams are. And then suddenly, and without any warning at all, the lawnmower starts up all by itself and races straight towards me! Argh! And then I woke up and had to go to the bathroom.

What do you suppose that all means? Well, I told this to my friend Stef, cuz she's a witch and does the whole tarot card thing, right? So she does me a reading over the phone as I tell her the story, and she says that according to the cards I was a green garden hose in a previous life. So, what do you think, folks? Do you think that hypothesis holds water?

-----Everybody's Buddy, Oddcube

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