Monday, August 31, 2009

Abandoned Towers issue #4 sneak peek

I know this is only the first of September, but issue 4 goes live on Nov. 1 and well... I thought you might like a taste of what's in it.

So, here's the table of contents to whet your appetite:

Table of Contents
Editorial: Regrets by Bill Weldon, Editor vii

Featured Story
A Warm Welcome By Rob Mancebo

From the Barrow by Carol Allen
Ice Curtain by Rie Sheridan Rose
Dance By J.Lynn Collins
Goya’s Painted Faces by John William Rice
Sasquatch by Scott Green
Reflection of Doubt by Carl Scharwath
Railroad Werewolf by Harry Calhoun
The Curse by Ed Blundell
The Day I Became a Murderer by H. Earl Wilkinson
Watch the Spirit by Christopher D. York
Forgotten Friendships: A Voice of Arthur Pendragon by Chad Weiss
Aussie Tourist's Lament by Arthur Mackeown
Amongst Faerie Oaks by Richard H. Fay

Recall by Shawn Scarber
Nothing Like It on Planet Earth by Bernie Brown
Honour without Sacrifice by Chad Weiss
The Greatest Adversary by Billy Wong
The Final Wave by TW Williams
The Grass Is Always Greener by Tricia Ferguson
First Man by Mark Laurence
A Prayer for the Little Ones by Deborah Walker
Answer Me! by Stephen Patrick
Prey by Aurelio Rico Lopez III
Everyone's a Critic by Tim McDaniel
Penderfyn’s Goal by David M Pitchford
Troll Hounds by Shawn Neely
The Broken Pipes of Drei City by Jeffrey Beesler
Requisitions by Tim McDaniel
On Why I Joined SFReader by S.J. Higbee
Central Park by Bradley H. Sinor

Number Eight Wire by Lyn McConchie
Interview with Joy Smith
Scherezade’s Repast Created by Jaleta Clegg

Artists in this issue
Rie Sheridan Rose - Waterfall Icicles photo, Arthur Wang -Everyone’s a critic illustration, A.R. Stone - Illustrations for From the Barrow, Reflection of Doubt,Aussie Tourist’s Lament, Shahin Rismanchi - KcadroKcud cartoons, Richard H. Fay - Robin Hood coloring page, Amongst Faerie Oaks illustration, Scott P. Vaughn - Tears of the Dragon illustration

118 pages in all.

But, remember, you don't get to read ANY of it if you don't buy it. None of the content in the print issues is ever published online. (and you'll never find any of the online content in the print issues, either)

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