Monday, August 17, 2009

Jack of all Trades, the most enjoyable Fantasy Romance you'll read all year!

Cyberwizard Productions is thrilled to be able to announce a new fantasy romance by K. C. Shaw.

Jack Bywater is loved by the entire town. Handy with a hammer, able to drive a coach, great at getting wasps out of an orchard, he truly is a Jack of all Trades.
And he's just the man that Helen's been looking for as well. Jack couldn't agree with her more. Their cozy village is the perfect spot and Jack would love nothing better than to settle down, marry Helen and raise a family.
But the Sultan is angry at Jack for having stolen his pet dragon, Pepper, and has sent a nasty curse winging around the world after him. Jack can flee the curse and lose Helen, or marry her and lose his life.
And to make matters worse, something has the local faeries in an uproar, and only Jack can fix it.

Lyn McConchie, co-author of the Beastmaster and Witch World books with Andre Norton had this to say:

"In March 2009 the publisher of this book asked me if I'd like to read it with a view to doing a possible foreword, agreed. It was a very good decision. I don't know the author, I didn't know the book, but I was quickly engrossed in the tale of a Jack of all Trades, his pet dragon, the curse that follows him and a host of interesting minor characters and their everyday doings in a series of small villages.I took my laptop to bed so that I could finish it that evening. And I noted one thing in particular. That I was surprised and sorry when it finished, being left with a feeling of "I was enjoying that book and it should have been longer."
The work came with charming and well-written characters, and an excellent set-up of the major plot. Jack of all Trades is set in a skewed version of early America small towns and villages, with hearsay excursions overseas on the side.
There are mythical creatures, magic, wizards, unpleasant spirits lurking, and curses that really work. Yet this background blends into a seamless and fascinating whole that enhances the story in a setting where it seems natural.
Frankly, I really liked Jack of all Trades. If it was being offered for sale in a bookshop and I picked it up AND flipped through the pages... yes, I'd pay up and buy it and that's the most flattering thing that a reader can say. That they'd pay out hard-earned cash for a book. If you're reading this, either you have paid for it - in which case, smart move. Or you're thinking about it. Stop thinking. Buy the book!"
Lyn McConchie.

Now, what are you waiting for? Head on over to the Cyberwizard Productions website at, click on the Ancient Tomes press button and grab your copy today!

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