Thursday, September 10, 2009

Desperately in need of assistance.

If you're reading this, I need your assistance.

There is only one of me.

There are LOTS of you.

Please, do me the favor of getting websites that you frequent to link to Abandoned Towers. Or blogs. They can link too.

It's not like you have to pay anything to come spend hours reading what I put a massive amount of work into creating for YOUR enjoyment, you know?

But I have only so much energy, so much time and so much brain power.

I really need your help with this.

The link, in case you don't have it is

Thanks in advance.


Laex Bone said...

Will do...

I've already started. Seems like aa great idea to me. The web is a huge place, but with a little help this site can do nothing but grow!

Mike Griffiths

Bob Pielke said...

I've added the link to the blog celebrating my new novel by CWP!

ghostposts said...

passded it on. Facebook, blog, twitter, friend feed