Friday, December 11, 2009

Announcing the release of Poet Burgess Needle's new collection.

Diminuendo Press is proud to announce the release of a wonderful new book of poetry by Burgess Needle.

Burgess Needle is inspired by the natural wonders of our planet, the virtuosity of contemporary poetry, love, friendship and the two-edged sword of 21st century technology. After earning a degree at the University of Massachusetts, Burgess joined the Peace Corps and taught English in Nangrong, a small village in northeast Thailand. Many of his later poems were based on the people and events that touched his heart during those two years.

After returning to the United States, he worked at a variety of jobs that ranged from manufacturing cans to injecting plastic molds. Eventually, he decided to seek a less dangerous, more stable and ultimately fulfilling livelihood so he became a school librarian.

There may still be some former students who remember Mr. Needle's somewhat scary impersonation of Edgar Allan Poe. Congruent with his years as a librarian Burgess attended writing sessions led by Tucson poet, Will Inman, and read at local venues. For several years, he and Tucson poet Michael Rattee published a poetry quarterly: Prickly Pear/Tucson. Burgess has also been a co-director of The Southern Arizona Writing Project and has had his poems published in a variety of magazines.

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