Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jim's poem

Hi gang, sorry, I've been a little out of touch lately, but I'm back. This poem originally appeared in New England Writer's Network Magazine. Most readers think it's about my wife, but I had thought it was about nature, but whatever... It makes no difference who it ended up for, I think it works. NEWR, when they printed it said it didn't rhyme. I worked hard on a slant rhyme scheme with it, but again whatever... Enjoy.

Villanelle for My Lady

Each day I stand beside the meadow
beneath the pine and cottonwood
and feel the nearness of her world.

The swaying grass and touch-me-nots
allow her light’s radiant glow
to touch me here beside the meadow.

The notes of yellow warbler song
entwine the music of her lute.
I hear the nearness of her world.

The waving river birch and willow
bring fragrant hints of her perfume
to where I stand beside the meadow.

If I make tea from wild cucumber roots
and pour the love brew on this ground
she’ll taste my nearness to her world.

And if I stand here long enough;
And if my potion is strong enough;
she’ll know I stand beside the meadow
yearning to cross the nearness to her world.

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