Friday, December 4, 2009

What Am I Doing Here?

Well, here I am diving head-first into something new. I suppose old dogs can learn new tricks after all. I have been hearing about blogs, and reading a few, for some time now. Thanks to Abandoned Towers Magazine for inviting me to put in my two cents worth on writing, reading, and other subjects I find interesting.
First, I do not expect anyone who reads my blog to always agree with me. My views are sometimes a little old-fashioned and out of touch with today's youth market. However, that variety is what makes life spicy, or so they say. Keeping an open mind seems to be the key to survival in the business of writing, as it is in life.
So, if you don't mind jumping onto my train of thought of occasion, I will try to be interesting, informative, and occasionally amusing, all while trying not to wreck the train. Here are a few thoughts for the day.
1. If I die, I hope some good friend immediately clears my computer's history.
2. Sometimes your worst decisions make the most hilarious stories.
3. There should be a sarcasm font, so people will know when I am being facetious (or sarcastic)
4. Isn't it embarrasing when you are so sure you are right, and thensuddenly realize you are wrong.
5. I tell my children and grandchildren that the most important thing in life they can aspire to be is a good person. Not in their own estimation, but in the estimation of those who know them best.
Thanks for your time and attention, and have a great rest of the year.

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Bob Pielke said...

Hi Troy,

A great idea: "sarcasm" font! [And I wouldn't be using it here! Or....would I??]

Bob Pielke