Sunday, January 24, 2010

Looking what you're missing out on!

When was the last time you visited Abandoned Towers Magazine for a quick snack or a long lunch? I mean emotionally and spiritually of course.

Unless you make a habit of eating at your computer while reading fantastic works of fiction, uplifting bits of poetry, and silly stuff guaranteed to make even the grimmest reaper grin.

Just to give you a taste of what you're missing out on, here's a little excerpt from a brand new story:

The Tower of Dreams

By James Lecky

If there is one thing I learn from a life of magic it is never trust a hobgoblin. Now, this is not a thing I say lightly, because the other thing I learn from a life of magic is to keep the mouth shut as much as possible. An acquaintance of mine, a mage of some great note, was one time heard to utter the immortal phrase ‘Well, I’ll be damned’, only to find that the gentleman in red pyjamas is appearing right at his side to take him to the Hot Place.

But the incident I am telling about happens in that time before I learn that hobgoblins are the least trustworthy of all the short folk. It begins, as do so many of the unfortunate things in my life, with the sound of no coins clinking in my purse and me in the tavern known to one and all as The Jolly Strangler.

I am sitting with a half-empty rather than half-full glass in that little booth mid-way between front and back door; a position which I find conducive to health and well-being as it enables a fellow to watch both doorways at once and make like Wing’d Mercury should unwelcome creditors arrive at either.

And since I am keeping my eyes and amulets peeled for gentlemen of the larger variety I also remain oblivious to otherwise until a hand touches my knee.

My subsequent scream wakes a slumbering ogre by the fire who mutters something about bones into bread before heading back to the arms of Hypnos and his castle in Nod.


You can read the rest of that by visiting Abandoned Towers Magazine at, clicking on the button labeled Fantasy, and then clicking on the title of the story.

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