Monday, April 12, 2010

Meet David Siegel Bernstein - Forensic Statistician

Hello. My name is David Siegel Bernstein and I have a confession to make. (I take a deep breath) okay, here we go: I love Science Fiction and Fantasy. Yes, I dream about voyages between worlds in starships fully equipped with FTL drives, battling aliens from other dimensions, traveling the multiverse while standing still in order to defeat my evil twin and rescue the princess. There I said it! And do you know what? It felt great to admit that. Thank you for listening. (I suppose I should say reading.) I'm guessing my confession isn't too shocking because if you're reading this you must have, at least, some of the same interests. Of course I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

To show my devotion to the genre, I not only read and watch the stuff, but I also write it. (See here for a bibliography.) I have to say (not really, but I want to) that the people in the Science Fiction and Fantasy writing community are an amazing and talented bunch of thinkers and dreamers. So if you aren't a writer—get to know one. Or better yet, put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, thumbs to text(ing), and create a story. Join the club.

To support my writing habit and excessively extravagant lifestyle, I consult as a forensic statistician. Yes, that means I get paid to do math. Don't look at me that way! There's nothing wrong with that. Math is the language of science and there is science in Science Fiction. So there!

Anyway, I hope to use this space (and time… Einstein told me that they were intertwined… okay, fine, not the man himself, but I did learn that when I was a physics major) to explore topics of math and science. So in future postings I plan to discuss the use of science IN fiction and to share some math and logic puzzles. Don't worry there won't be any calculus quizzes (not that there is anything wrong with that) but may be some paradoxes!

See you then.

***  Look for David's next post soon!

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