Thursday, July 1, 2010

Abandoned Towers Issue #6 is now live and available

I'm really happy with this issue. The cover art is great, and the content inside is even better.

Anyone that would like to read a preview of the issue, or pick up a print copy, can do so by going here:

I thought I'd give everyone a taste of what's inside. so here's the table of contents:

Table of Contents

Featured Story: Magnificent Pigs By Cat Rambo
Editorial: Inevitable Change - Bill Weldon

Hello, Mommy By M. Lee
The Woven By Laura J. Sanger
Titan By Doug Hilton
Apollo’s Breath By Shaun A. Saunders
Illegal Aliens By Grady Yandell
Somewhere By Shaun A. Saunders
One Small Mistake  By Rod Hamon
Zeno’s Paradox By Doug Hilton
Cold Comfort By Jason Kahn
Oaths  By Bradley H. Sinor
Incident at Riverbend Pass By Gabriel Guerrero
The Real Enemy By Doug Hilton
 Uphill or Down? By Shane Joseph
Othan, Leader By Kurt Magnuski
Rub Out by Jean Lauzier

Ring By Robert William Shmigelsky
A Magic Winter Moment By John William Rice
Night Artist By Carl Scharwath
Do Distant Sheep Have Gridlocked Dreams? By Norman Ball
Wallingford Inn By Emily Hayes
Pirates of Innsmouth By Scott E. Green
Fifty Years By Troy D. Young
A dream of life and afterlife By Harry Calhoun

Nonfiction & special features:
Robert the Bruce By Richard H. Fay
Interview with Grady Yandell
Excalibur Coloring Page By Richard H. Fay
A New Birth of Freedom - excerpt - by Robert G. Pielke
Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler’s Meal Onna Stick Fit for a Patrician recepies

And here's an excerpt from Zeno's Paradox, just to whet your appetite:

Somewhere over St. Louis, something happened. Tomcat felt it in the seat of his chair. A few seconds later, Jim Wong felt it in the controls. Flight 217 went from boring to deadly serious in about 1/100th of a second. A piece of space junk the size of a pea had passed through the left wing at 20,000 miles per hour on its way to the planet below.


“The Captain has turned on the seatbelt sign. The aircraft has experienced a problem. Please remain in your seats and await further instructions.”

Sister Mary Beth turned her eyes skyward and prayed.

Timmy hugged his teddy bear and cried.

Sue fished for her cell phone—she was going to send real-time videos of the rest of the flight to her friends, but out of range was all it displayed.

Tomcat and Jim were fighting the controls and trying to stabilize the flying brick. They couldn’t’ look back to see the three-foot hole in the left wing, so they didn’t know that fuel was spilling out—that they should shut off the transfer pump. The gages weren’t acting normally because the shock of the hypersonic pea-sized missile had sent an instantaneous pulse through the electrical system that was still ringing up and down the length of the jumbo jet’s electrical system. Tomcat and Jim fought physics as best as they could, then Tomcat looked at Jim and said, “I can’t think of a way out of this one pal, how about you?”

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