Thursday, February 5, 2009

Abandoned Towers Issue #2 Sneak Peek

So, feast your eyes on this.

The Table of Contents for Abandoned Towers Issue #2 is:

The Man in the Feathered Cloak By Jack Mulcahy
The Cat's Scientist By Daniel E. Wilcox
It’s a Superman’s World By Colin P. Davies
When Tomatoes Go Bad by Scott E. Green
The Ultimate Salesman by Dean Grondo
Language Barrier By Deven D Atkinson
As Advertised By Gustavo Bondoni
A Tale of Four Feet By Gerald Warfield
Chance of Rain By Ken Goldman
Hedgehog Blues By Lyn McConchie
The End of the Day By John T. Bien
Nomads of the Lantern Land By Elizabeth Barrette
The Fall of Rome By Bruce Durham
The Upbeat Crosstown Traffic Blues by Paul Wittine
The Tenant By Stuart. J Griffin
Ride the Red Wind By Rie Sheridan
Book of Dimensions by Richard H. Fay
August Memories By Steve James
The Watchmen By Eric S Brown
All the Medals and Trophies By Aurelio Rico Lopez III
The Fall of Rome By Bruce Durham
Haunted by Sinatra By Altis Conners
Interview with Ginger Simpson
Vennels and Wynds Malcolm Laughton
A Quest for Crawfish By Michael D. Griffiths
A Trail of Blood By Michael Pasquale
Sunset at the End of Empire By Jeff Draper
Heroes and Common Sense By Jared Evers

And a special treat:
Redwall Feast Created by Jaleta Clegg
based on the novels by Brian Jacques
serves 6

Bernard Loaf and Butternut Bread with Meadowcream and Peach Berry Squash
Hotroot Soup, Baked Fish and Deeper'n Ever Turnip Pie with Peppercream Gravy; Martin's Salad
Summercream Pudding, Cherry Cordial, and Raspberry Fizz

Real recipes, with real food, for a real feast.


Now, as promised, here are some nibbles:

From The Ultimate Salesman by Dean Grondo:
What was that? Patty lifted her head off the couch cushion and looked around. She was stunned to see the front door open again and that salesman standing inside the entryway! Hadn’t she locked it? “Get out of here!” she shouted.
The salesman’s smile was completely oblivious. “Let me introduce you to our new omnikey. Opens any lock, mechanical or chemical.” He was holding something that looked like a can opener and he’d used it to break in!
Patty’s voice was cold with fury, “You’d better get the hell out of here or I’m going to call the police!”
“I'm sorry.” The man blinked innocently. “Were you busy?”
“Get out!”
“I am sorry!” The man stepped back onto the stoop. “I’ll check back with you at a more convenient time.” With that, he smiled and closed the door.

From The End of the Day by John T. Bien:
“Water,” a quavering voice begged.
The plea penetrated the numbness of Banok’s mind, drawing his eyes. He saw a dead man, too stupid to know it; his open gut spilling entrails onto the blood-mud.
“Help me,” the soldier implored, his terror-filled eyes meeting Banok’s.
Banok ignored him. There was no energy left in him to allow a diversion for mercy.
When he raised his eyes from the living corpse, a woman filled his vision; a beautiful woman, drifting toward him through the thickening gloom. The gossamer fabric of her long gown clung to her in sensual wisps of deep red. Her black hair was short, framing a heart-shaped face with a small nose, full lips and wide-spaced dark eyes.

From August Memories by Steve James:
When I think about my days surfing, one day in 1976 stands out above all others. It was mid-August and Sydney had just experienced the mother of all storms. In fact, that little blow was described as the "100 year storm" It caused extensive damage and flooding along the Northern Beaches. The powerful waves had even demolished the 100-year-old Manly Swimming Baths that used to stand alongside the famous wharf. It was reported that six to ten foot waves pounded the structure to pieces, and that was inside the harbour! During the height of the storm, twenty foot walls of white water were rolling over the dunes at North Narrabeen, about five miles north of Manly, and engulfing the bridge that spanned the lagoon.

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