Monday, February 2, 2009

Welcome to February, 2009!

Welcome to February!

This month, Abandoned Towers Magazine has several new serials just getting underway, all for your reading pleasure.

First up, The Script of Sages by Andrew Cooper. This is a short serial of only 5 chapters, but don't delay. You'll want to read it right from the beginning. To whet your appatite, here's a little nibble:

The streets were dark, even in the light of the flickering lamps. Silence and emptiness reigned. The air was cold in late November, and they expected snow at any time. Throughout the village, once-grassy yards were strewn with colorful leaves. Brown and black squirrels scrambled down trees to harvest acorns, and deer bounded through the colorful forest. Not a single snowflake had fallen yet, though it wouldn’t be that way for long.
Turning south from the village green, Reev thought he saw torchlight in the alleyway. And, to his surprise, the glint of metal.
He turned down Church Road. Constable Goffins appeared right before him with his lantern. The porcine man stamped his foot, his moustache quivering with indignation. “Excuse me! The curfew is on!”
“The bells haven’t rung.”
“Now you listen to me! Don’t question my authority!” Goffins spewed, “A constable’s command is law! I’ve been endorsed by Mayor Coldwater, who’s endorsed by the governor, who’s endorsed from the Zaar-taken, gods-forsaken, son-of-Isdar emperor himself!”
“I know, Mr. Goffins, but—”
“There is no excuse!”
“Excuse for what?”
“That’s enough out of you! I’m going to fine you two pence!”
“What?” Reev cried, “That’s ridiculous!”
Goffins growled.
Then a deep-throated, acidic voice bellowed from behind him. “Listen to the boy, porky!” Eyes gleamed in the torchlight—yellow, inhuman eyes. Steel rang as a sword was drawn from its sheath. A blade plunged straight through Goffins’ chest. The fat old man crumpled over and gasped, but found no breath.
Reev shrieked and took off like a frightened deer.

Next up is Jared Evers with a brand new offering: Scion of the Immortals. Episode 1 commences on Friday, Feb 6. As Jared says in his introduction:
It tells the story of Razian, a man with uncommon talents and knowledge. The world of the dead holds few secrets for him, yet without a link to one of the five holy Orders there is little explanation for his skills. Few truly count him as a friend, but his protective nature and unique abilities ensure he is rarely forgotten. For better or for worse.

A new episode will appear once a week, every friday, rain, shine or zombies!

Right on Jared's heels comes Nick Ozment with Knight Terrors: The (Mis)adventures of Smoke the Dragon. Smoke wandered into Nick's life one day when he had, as he puts it an idle thought: “If a powerful dragon had a phobia, what might it be?” I’m talking a dragon that fears no one and nothing—so, what could possibly give it the creepy-crawlies and put its scales on edge?"

A new episode will arrive every three weeks, and you don't want to miss a single one.


To go along with the crunchy new serials, we also have a fine selection of new poetry, new fiction, a number of wonderful new articles and of course, brand new cartoons every few days.

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