Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring's just around the corner!

Outside my window, there's a tree covered with tiny green leaves. Purple crocus have opened in one flowerbed, while bright yellow daffodils are nodding in the shade nearby. The signs of spring are all over, at least here in Texas. Before long, the highways around Austin will be covered with wildflowers and tourists having their pictures snapped. Such a lovely time of year.
Whether you have lovely spring weather, or your part of the world is currently experiencing another season, here at Abandoned Towers we have some interesting things sprouting to easy your long stressful days.
Issue #2 has just gone live. You can get your copy by visiting the Abandoned Towers home page at and clicking on the cover. You'll find it on the right side of the page, next to the comics.
We've also kicked off several serials: Scion of the Immortals, Tales of Coromoor, and Knight Terrors - the (mis)adventures of Smoke the Dragon. You'll find links to all of those on the left side of the home page.
We've got new cartoons up, we've added a lot of new stories, poems and other yummy content to the online site and, as always, we'll keep doing so on a regular basis.
And for those of you that didn't get a copy of issue 1 but would like one, just click on the Previous Issues link on the home page menu.
Don't put this off. Life is distracting and emergencies arise to absorbe all available funds. Get your copie of issue #2 right now, while you're thinking about it. Just go to and click on the issue #2 cover. You'll be glad you did.

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