Sunday, May 24, 2009

Look What You've Missed

If you haven't visited Abandoned Towers Magazine at in a couple of weeks, look what you've missed!

During the month of May we've added a nice selection of good, online content.

In the audio section you'll find two poems that are a must. Both originally written by Lewis Carroll and performed by Timothy A. Sayell. They are The Panther and the Owl, and The Walrus and the Carpenter.

Next up, slide on over to the Science Fiction section and spend a few minutes reading through some of the great new selections. You'll find The Crystal Egg by H.G. Wells, Hypochondriac by Shaun A. Saunders, How to be an Evil Nazi Genius by Pat Hauldren, Old Crompton's Secret by Harl Viencent, A Prompt Delivery by Edward Rodosek, Into Space by Sterner St. Paul, and Evasion by Gustavo Bondoni.

In the General Fiction section we've added a chilling little tale called Local News written by Shaun A. Saunders. Joining it are Two Hundred Miles the Hard Way by Grady Yandell, Link with the Past by Arthur Newton, and Terminal Illness by Melanie Ress.

Several new piece of poetry are available for your enjoyment as well, among them a short selection by poet Joey Connelly entitled In The Burning Orchard and two pieces from Neila Mezynski: The Ballerina and The Birthday Party.

Eric S. Brown's series on The Flash concludes this month with part 4 and Oddcube provides a marvelous review of Attack of the Retro-clones.

Coming up in June we've got 2 new serials kicking off: The Fetid Horde, a Sword and Sorcery adventure written by A.J. Cooper and Gas Lantern Shadows by Malcolm Laughton as well as new episodes of our already in progress serials Clock Work, Knight Terrors, Scion of the Immortals, and Tales of Coromoor.

Of The Fetid Horde, the author says:
The story takes place in the mythical city of Baradon, a city which the captain of the Tower Guard, Salan, is dedicated to protect. But although the legends say Baradon is invincible and can never fall in siege, the city is about to face its gravest threat since its founding. Because something is approaching out of the desert sands, something powerful and evil.

And Malcolm has this to say about Gas Lantern Shadows:
Gas Lantern Shadows is a series that stems from the short story Vennels and Wynds which appeared in Abandoned Towers print magazine issue 2. In that story the protagonist is looking at a print of a photograph of old Glasgow and is drawn into the past. That story itself stems from my own past. I really did look at a real photo in real a pub, The Partick Tavern, and think: ‘I could just walk into that.’ The rest was imagination: the only time machine that so far exists.

The series takes up from where the protagonist is trapped back in the past: in an Edwardian Glasgow, where he is pursued by his implacable enemy. But Scotland’s urban heart proves very different from what he expects.

As for me? Well, I’m from Glasgow, Scotland. These days I work, most of my working time, for the MSP Bill Kidd (Member of the Scottish Parliament), but rest easy - there is nothing particularly political about Gas Lantern Shadows. I also write, no surprise there. My most recent publication, outside of Abandoned Towers is Glimpsed Between the Trees in Whispers of Wickedness issue 16 (the very final issue). My stories have also appeared in Quantum Muse and Wild Violet.

While you're wandering around the Abandoned Towers website, be sure to visit the video section (look for the things to do drop down menu) and watch Danny Birt's 2 new videos. Both were shot live at various conventions where Danny, the mild mannered author of the Laurian Pentology. spent far too much time without sleep singing hysterically funny filk songs.

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