Saturday, May 30, 2009



How many newsletters do you receive every week? How much time do you spend reading about writing or your current research topic rather than writing?

Yes, they are full of useful information. Yes they are fun to read. Yes we all look for things to do so we don’t have to actually write. Really now, be honest. How much time do you spend on those Newsletters? Time you could use for writing or researching or even going for a walk! Don’t forget we do inhabit human bodies that take a certain amount of maintenance to keep in good running order.

Ask yourself if you actually use the information in the newsletters. If the answer is yes, then keep reading the ones that help you, but dump the rest.

But, you say you only scan the ones you receive? Time yourself. If you are spending more than 10 minutes a day, dump them. If you honestly need the information, then save those that you feel are important and set aside specific time once a week to read them all at once. Once that time comes, set a timer for fifteen minutes and quickly scan over them. Pick out the most pertinent ones and read them.

If you find you still don’t have time to assimilate all the information, print the others out and stick them in your pocket or purse to read during those times in line at the supermarket or car repair shop. This way you won’t be taking up desk time that you should be using for other things.

Laura L Alton

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