Thursday, June 4, 2009

Special Scavenger Hunt!


Grand Prize: A free copy of “Sha’Daa: Tales of the Apocalypse” personally autographed by the shared-world anthology’s Creator and Co-Writer, Michael H. Hanson.

The Hunt officially kicks off on Saturday, June 6, 2009.

It ends on July 4, 2009.

Winners to be announced during a live broadcast on the “Dark Fiction Show” at on Saturday, July 11, 2009.

Rules: Every “Hunter” is required to access every single website shown in “The Hunting Grounds,” and, using the clues list given in “Hunting Supplies” are required to find some answer, image, name, or fact that will make up your “trophies.” You are not allowed multiple answers for each clue/query. You can only give one answer for each website.

When you have compiled the requested list of trophies, you need to e-mail them all in to Michael H. Hanson at: along with your name, and your snail-mail address (which will be kept confidential and absolutely not shared with anyone).

All those who have found every single answer will have their names placed into a hat (a black fedora of course), where a Winner of the grand prize will be blindly, and fairly, picked out by Michael H. Hanson himself. If only one person hands in the full compliment of answers they will automatically win the grand prize.

Several folks have offered backup goodies (signed copies of books, etc.) and so we are going to have a nice supply of consolation prizes for several runners-ups!

Hunting Tip: The hunting grounds numbers match up with their hunting supplies counterparts.

The Hunting Grounds:


Hunting Supplies:

1) Thinking inside the box. What color is Teddy’s scarf?
2) What is the Serjeant’s ID number? Hint: it is chiseled into history.
3) This “Haunted Poet” is fifth in one list, and sixth in another.
4) What is the temperature of bubbles in the month of garnet?
5) How many bottles of sparkling beverage are on ice?
6) One of Rae’s favorite Movie Directors was into cobalt velvet. What is this person’s name? Please don’t string me up for asking…
7) How many Ophidians can Sophia juggle?
8) What superhero promotes the press? Do I smell ammonia?
9) What is the color of the silver pen’s feather?
10) It is not an fruit store. How many items does it sell?
11) It’s not a missing link, and it’s halls are white. What kind of business is it?
12) Excerpted for your approval, in this recent Year of the Monkey, who shall inherit the Earth?
13) This immaterial, incorporeal upper anatomy has ignited. What is it?

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