Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Writing Tips from the Experts

Whether you are someone who enjoys writing casually or does it for a profession, writing tips from the experts are truly valuable! Especially in this day and age that is entirely digital, it is important to have advanced writing skills to communicate, speak with potential clients, and even promote your own business.

Here are some of the most helpful expert writing tips to get you started:

1. Learn to edit yourself: Anything that is boring and can be left out of your writing should be. People will be much more inclined to read what you have to say when your writing is focused, compelling, and to the point, even if it is only in an e-mail.

2. Take out extra wording: There are many descriptive words like "very", "really", and similar words that you may find yourself using often. You can streamline your writing by eliminating these unneeded words or even substituting more descriptive words in their place. Even simple changes like using the word "extremely" instead of "very" will add a more authoritative and tighter feel to your writing style.

3. Write from your heart: No matter what you choose to write about, make sure that it has emotion behind it. Of course, if you are writing a work related e-mail, that may not be the case, but if you are writing a report, article, or online blog, your public wants to know that you care about the subject that you are writing about. This will compel them to continue to read to the end of your piece without skipping through!

4. Accept criticism: If you do write reports or articles, please understand that criticism is a necessary part of the writing process. It is true that people simply may not like what you have to say, but if your writing style is criticized, it gives you the opportunity to fine tune your writing for a better final product next time.

Now get crackin’! This is your opportunity to better enhance your writing style in any situation, whether it is for work, school, or simply for pleasure.

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